Make investments for a cause on charity and share hope. Or make a donation to earn 20% every 14 working days.


Create an HOP volunteer team in your community, then participate and earn #5,000 regularly.



How to Start Your Volunteer Income, Step By Step

Your volunteer effort are leveraged upon .

Your volunteer effort for HomeofProsperity HOPE CENTER activities in your community are leveraged upon. When you help us in promoting identified HOPE CENTER needy causes in your environment or community, you earn #5,000 monthly for your effort. No buying and No selling. All you need do, is carry out a social event such such as visiting an orphanage Home or Hospital in your neigbourhood about HIV/AID, Cancer, Malaria prevention, and dangers about Female Genital Mutilation(circumcision) and you get paid. Other events include making a visitation to a children hospital, ogranising training or lessons for children in your community, or making a foodstuff, clothes or cash donation to 2 or more women and get paid. All you need is submit a date for your intended HOP project to us, receive approval, then carry out the event and get paid. So simple. Help and care for others today and get paid for doing good.


To join now, visit and follow the steps below:

1. click on GET WEALTH button
2. Then enter admincity   as your support Id
3. Click on Register button
4. Fill the registration form. Please make sure your name and details correspond with your bank details. You may have payment delay problems if your details does not match
5. Pay franchisee/Registration fee of #4000 to company bank account either by deposit or online transfer. Please always use your registered support id as payment remark name during your bank  transfer payment or bank deposit payment for easy tracking of your payment.
6. Send Whatsapp message of your payment to 08157054313 or send email to

That's all...

Your account will get activated and you start smiling to the bank


Make all your payments only to Company Account below :

Account name: Liberty Drums LCC

Bank name: Fidelity bank

Account number: 5600068693




Payments are made every last weekend of every month. . To be able to start making your projects and earning free #5,000 every month, you must have a valid HomeofProsperity registeration ID and office file number as your campaign/trainings/charity works and volunteer payments accruable to you are tracked by these parameters.

Emerald volunteers are also eligible to obtain volunteer loans of upto #300,000 from HomeofProsperity without collaterral when their projects win the emerald ranking achievable within 60days from when you begin. Our Hope Centre Volunteer loan interest rate that you pay pack is 6% monthly. Join the HomeofProsperity today and become prosperous while sharing and helping others

How Can You Volunteer?

You can Volunteer in every community where you live or in communities were HOP identified needs exist. Earn monthly doing and sharing love.. Register today and choosea Volunteer Work in your HOP Volunteer account area.