Make donations for free to a cause on charity and share hope. Or make a donation to earn 10% monthly .


Create an HOP volunteer team in your community, then particiape and earn #10,000 monthly salary.


Refer members to HOP community through affiliate packs and Help needy children through Us. You Earn #4500 for each referral plus #4000 monthly salary.

News from Dutse


The HOP community in Dutse organised a successful training camp through the volunteer team of Mr Yusuf Banjo. Banjo is a super volunteer and earns #120,000 every month for his effort in about 12 local communities. He is currently the highest paid donator as he donated #985,000 as investment donation with his HOP id. His return on investment is #1,083,500 in 30 days. Interestingly, he started his HOP business in 2015 with borrowed sum of #35,000. He is an epitome of success. A community star of the Month. Join us in congratulating him

Your volunteer effort are leveraged upon .

Your volunteer effort and donation effort for HomeofProsperity HOPE CENTER activities in your community are highly leveraged upon. When you help us in promoting identified HOPE CENTER needy causes in your environment or community, you earn #10,000 monthly for your effort. No buying and no selling. All you need do, is carry out a social event such training WAEC students for free, such as teaching people in your neigbourhood about HIV/AID, Cancer, and dangers about Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and get paid. Other events include making a visitation to children hospital, or making a donation to 2 or more widows and get paid. All you need is submit a date for your intended HOP project to us, receive approval, then carry out the event and get paid. So simple. Help and care for others today and get paid for doing good. What a cool deal?

Log into your member area today and start an event for a cause and earn fabulous financial reward. Payments are made every last weekend of every month. Your campaign/trainings/charity works and volunteer payments accruable to you are tracked by affiliate IDs and account numbers.

Mega volunteers are also eligible to obtain volunteer loans of upto #300,000 from HomeofProsperity without collaterral when their projects win the emerald ranking. Volunteer loan interest is 6% . Join the HomeofProsperity today and become prosperous while sharing and giving.

How Can You Volunteer?

You can Volunteer in every community where you live or in communities were HOP identified needs exist. Earn monthly doing and sharing love.. Register today and choosea Volunteer Work in your HOP Volunteer account area.